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A life-long fan of good song-crafting in almost any style, and a desire to finally get some of those melodies out of his head just may have been the initial catalyst for J.B. Streit to start reaching out to some friends for collaboration.

Some of those initial collaborations resulted in Audio Mozaik's "Surfacing," an acoustic guitar based instrumental record with some credentialed and outstanding players (Johnny Pons, James Placencia, Lance Beckford, and Jeff Jansen to name a few). The songs were beautiful, technical, and soothing. A well received endeavor.

2014-2017 brought big changes to the lives of A.M. members (new children, new grand children, new careers, etc...) and yet the collaboration and A.M. project had not left J.B.'s mind... What would a follow up arrangement look like? 

As he put the "feelers" out for the second endeavor, the pieces fell into place a little differently... The new core of Audio Mozaik consisted of J.B., Josh Regelado, Rande Vick, Michael Johnson and David Lopez with everyone collaborating and writing weekly. 

As the guys started writing together, the songs quickly took on a whole new life, a more organic style, and for the first time vocals...a lot more vocals!

Each of the 5 brings a different dynamic to A.M.. J.B. with his outside of the box creativity, penchant for odd guitar tunings and knack for writing beautiful melodic arrangements. Josh with his self taught, unique and yet wonderfully modern guitar and bass style adds to the music in ways most guitar players can't. Rande brings arrangements to the table that have a touch of Americana, grass roots rock and blues with catchy vocal hooks, while MJ brings a whole lot of southern soul, a tad of country punk and percussion unlike any other. David is more than a drummer, more like a musical mastermind with some rock n'roll cadence... Add it all up and what do you get? 

We're calling it the New California Sound. It's a little different. And we think you're gonna like it.